Exclusive Finance Membership Club for UK Accountants

If you’re an accountant in the UK with clients in need of potential business or property funding and would like to create new income opportunities, then a membership with FPUK could be right for you.

Expert knowledge

With a combined 30 years knowledge and expertise in funding standard and complex cases, if we can’t help your clients secure funding, or point them in the right direction, nobody can.

Strong lending panel

You don’t need hundreds of lenders to get it right, we have a core specialist panel of 140 + lenders covering 12 finance sectors, ensuring your clients receive the funding required by reputable lenders.

Service excellence

We can have funding offers on your clients desk in as little as 2 hours. Speed is the key, coupled with crystal clear communication and complete focus on the clients ideal outcomes.

About Us

FPUK are the gold standard when it comes to a network you can trust, with a combined 30 years experience in the team, we can help you help your clients every time.

Complete Indefatigability

Adjective: tireless determination, always determined and energetic in trying to achieve something and never willing to admit defeat

We don’t just say this, we live and breathe it! Some cases take days, some weeks or months, maybe even a year plus. We will never fatigue, sticking by your clients side to achieve the goal.

Why you want to partner with FPUK

The UK Commercial Finance world is full of less than reputable players, it’s a sad fact but one nonetheless.  We have encountered this first-hand, and in light of this, we decided to create an incorruptible network of professionals with the highest of standards

We Make it Stack Up

If there’s a deal to be done and the numbers work, we’ll get it done.  If the numbers don’t quite work, we have ways and means to find solutions.

Complete Client Care

We take the utmost care to look after your clients from the very first moment. Alternatively, you can also manage the client relationship with us in the background assisting you.


We don’t tend to miss anything when it comes to funding opportunities, when we strive to understand the clients needs, and know how to structure a funding case.

Highest Remuneration

We earn enhanced procuration and broker fees on all cases. So you will always be remunerated at a fair level. We only work with Accountants who have a strong growth plan for themselves and their clients.

What areas can we help your clients with?

We cover 12 finance sectors, to ensure a solution for every eventuality.

Business Funding

Speedy funding for your clients cashflow needs, no matter the credit profile of the business.

Acquisition Finance

We can help your clients acquire small family-run businesses to multi-million pound acquisitions.

BTL Mortgages

If your clients’ strategy is Buy-To-Let, we have market leading products to help them compete.

Trade Finance

Help your clients fund the gap between paying their supplier upfront and collecting their funds.

Commercial Mortgages

Help your clients buy or grow their commercial property portfolio, or even purchase their first.

Invoice Finance

Are you clients waiting months to get paid for their goods or services, let us sort that today.

Bridging Finance

Help your clients realise more cash, flipping property short term or raising cash from property.

Development Finance

It’s their 1st project or 10th, we can help your clients realise their development dream sooner.

Asset Finance

From excavators to dozers, printers, IT equipment, buy, or refinance, we have the solutions.

If you see any areas above you feel could help your clients? Apply now for an FPUK membership and start earning in weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the typically asked questions when it comes to working in commercial finance, answered today.

Some of our member industries are as follows, but not limited to:


We aim to mainly work with accountants, but as mentioned above, if you are in any of the aforementioned industries, have clients that have commercial funding requirements, then you can apply to join FPUK, and will be considered.

We have a panel of over 160 lenders, covering 9 different finance sectors, covering a range of credit appetites, with access to the best rates and products on the market. In short, if we can’t fund it, or put your client in the right direction, nobody can.

We can arrange a fair range of funding including but not limited to the following:

  • Business Loans
  • Invoice Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Development Funding
  • BTL Mortgages
  • Bridging Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances

Absolutely, we share the success fees with you, regardless of what industry or sector you come from. Recently, one of our introducers brought a case that garnered a commission of £32,990 – from a business loan.  Although these don’t come along every day, they are more common than you might think, with the average commission earned on business loans being £4,750 and on property loans, £9,500.

If you want to earn substantial extra income from cases, we operate lifetime memberships, for a one time investment of £5,995.

We also offer, for the right applicants, an option to pay a smalL deposit and spread the investment across the year, whilst still earning an extra £40k – £100k per year, on top of your current business or income.

Quite simply hit one of the Apply Now buttons on this website.  We do require member pass a fairly simply entry test and that they already have a network ideally, in the finance world.  That being said, we do keep an open mind to members who bring value. Apply Now

Don’t see an answer to your question here? Easy – just organise a free consultation with the FPUK team. We would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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